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Safari in Madagascar

A safari holiday in Madagascar may be the perfect way to alleviate your stress, shake up a ho-hum routine, or just have a heck of a lot of fun! There are options for all budgets and the discoveries to be had are countless. An African safari booking is an unforgettable outing you can finally check off your bucket list.

About Madagascar

As the fourth biggest island in the world, Madagascar has much to offer, from its stunning beaches and natural parks to the huge biodiversity and range of wildlife. Habitats you will find in the reserves here vary and many of the animals you have the opportunity to see cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. As much as 80 percent of the plants and animals are not found anywhere else in the world! It is in this magical location that you can:

Take Guided Photo Tours

Safari tours occur within local nature reserves that combine exotic landscapes with majestic wildlife and culture in a way you have likely never experienced before. For any nature or animal enthusiast, an African safari booking has likely been on the bucket list for a while.

Photographic safaris in Madagascar are relaxed and safe. As you partake in the expertly guided tour, watch for intriguing amphibians, reptiles, birds, and, of course, lemurs around you as go from park to park on a 4x4 vehicle or another type of safe arranged transport. Watch out for a leaf-tailed gecko over there or a brown mouse lemur smaller than your hand here. Many distinctive kinds of Fauna and Flora are found on the vast island too.

View Endangered Lemurs

The lemurs in Madagascar await you! See these curious creatures up close during safaris to places like the Analamazaotra Special Reserve, located within Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. In this particular part of the island, you can photograph and view up to 14 species of endangered lemurs, including the three-foot-tall indri indri, which is the biggest of them in Madagascar. As for the smallest ones, like Lepilemurs, you may get a photo of them too, along with strange insects you’ve likely never seen before, such as the giraffe weevil.

Lemur tracking through the rainforest is a thrilling activity to partake in while visiting the island, which involves staying safely with the group and searching for them to get face-to-face encounters unlike any other. Follow their strange noises and looking for clues with your guide. Lemurs can be seen at Mantadia Park, Montagne d’Ambre National Park, and elsewhere in Madagascar; this island has up 107 species of lemurs living in its rainforests! And you won’t find most of them anywhere else.

Visit the isolated island of Madagascar and learn more about its rarities during an African safari booking. If possible, travel in smaller groups to get the most natural wildlife experience possible. A personal experience and custom itinerary await you. Safe, exhilarating adventures can be yours in Madagascar!