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Safari in Angola

The remote and largely unspoiled African country of Angola makes a spectacular holiday destination. Now in a period of peace, Angola provides a beautiful and distinctive place for an African safari booking. The country is mainly undiscovered in the southern part of the continent. It offers beautiful beaches, majestic landscapes, exotic wildlife, and more. This makes it a bucket list travel destination for photographers, bird-watching enthusiasts, thrill seekers, and those who appreciate nature.

Discover the Wildlife

In the relatively new safari tour destination of The Republic of Angola are lands that have gone untouched by visitors until only quite recently. This provides an exciting time to explore the area, including Iona National Park. In this particular park, you may see exotic wildlife, including springbok, ostrich, impala, mountain zebra, and others.

Kissama National Park in western Angola also has wildlife, such as elephants, wildebeest, elands, and giraffes, along with various bird species. It boasts a varied terrain of savanna, woodlands, cacti, and more, which makes for a beautiful landscape. This means a range of fauna too, including the African Manatee.

If you get off the beaten track in your 4x4, you will still be in safe hands when you have an expert safari guide in your vehicle. A boat ride is also available at Kissama National Park; it takes you along the Kwanza River, where you might see crocodiles. Angola has eleven national parks in total.

Other Tour Activities

Luanda, which is Angola’s capital city, provides the door into the heart of the country. It is here that you will find museums, such as the National Museum of Archaeology and the Museum of Armed Forces, and other sights to explore. The people of Angola are both welcoming and nice.

There are also golden sand beaches with coconut trees, such as Palmeirinhas. Most beaches are clean and have a dense marine life. Your safari tour may also take you to a visit to the Kalandula waterfalls or on a surfboard at Cabo Ledo. Catch and release fishing in boats may also be part of your bucket list trip.

The traditional Portuguese-inspired buildings across Angola are beautiful, as are the mosques. Tour walks can provide insights into the country’s traditions and history. Hiking is another great way to explore the region, including climbing the Tunda-Vala Volcanic Fissure, which stands 2,600 meters above sea-level. The impressive view and sheer drop of the mountain creates a thrilling experience.

Safari Fun

Make your African safari booking now so that you won’t miss out on the Angolan adventure of a lifetime. The getaway will take you to a sublime area that has only recently become open to tourist exploration. See awe-inspiring wildlife and landscapes, as well as learning about the history and culture. This adventure is beckoning you!