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Safari in Burundi

Are you searching for a vacation that provides you opportunities you won’t find anywhere else? Do you seek thrilling outdoors activities? Are you a nature enthusiast? If you find yourself nodding, then an African safari booking in Burundi may be the right destination for you!

Why Choose Burundi?

It is in the Central African nation of Burundi that you will find immense biological diversity. The country surrounds the Great Lakes and is gaining support for conservation measures. Burundi has impressive wildlife that provide amazing photographic opportunities, whether you are an amateur or a pro. The white sandy beaches of the south are perfect for relaxing away from the fast-paced lifestyle you left back at home.

It also is well worth exploring the local culture and history. Visits to mausoleums and the Burundi National Museum can provide you with a deep appreciation for this African country. Local hospitality is wonderful too.

Safari Burundi Activities

Burundi offers a bucket list escapade full of activities you simply wouldn’t get the opportunity for back home. At the national parks, you will have opportunities to see hippos and crocodiles from a safe viewing distance with your experienced safari host, as well as Sitatunga antelopes that are found only in central Africa.

At Kibira National Park, walk through the forest and look for hare antelopes, chimpanzees, buffalos, and several rare bird species. Owl-faced monkeys and baboons can also be spotted at the Kigwena National Reserve. Ruvubu National Park, which is the biggest Burundi national park, spanning 508 square kilometers, is where you can find unique flora and fauna, as well as game viewing. Leopards, crocodiles, hippos, monkeys, and other majestic creatures await your arrival.

Additional activities for this African safari booking can include hiking the hilly regions, exploring rainforests, and relaxing on the beautiful beaches. Stop by the mesmerizing Karera Falls or take a boat ride on the 117-kilometer-long Ruzizi River that flows through Lake Kivu and Lake Tanganyika. Exploration of the surrounding African Great Lakes may also be of interest to you, including the vast Lake Tanganyika.

Experience the culture too! Seek out Burundian drummers, who play a sacred African drum called karyenda. See and experience the drumming ensemble performing sounds that date back centuries and are a key part of Burundi’s heritage. Delight in the local dance styles and music. You may want to attend the Burundi National Museum too.

A Bucket List Getaway

Escape the everyday life with an exotic African safari booking in Burundi. Visit the national parks to meet and photograph animals likely only seen by flipping through nature magazines before, take in the breathtaking waterfalls and rivers, and learn about the culture and history of this distinctive African country. Safe safari travel options include 4x4 and bus, led by experienced guides who have in-depth knowledge of the local areas.