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Safari in Egypt

A desert safari in Egypt makes for an unforgettable holiday experience! The travel package you choose, according to details such as the length of stay and budget, will be a bucket list escape unlike any other.

Why Choose Egypt for Your Safari?

In the Middle East, Egypt is often called “The Mother of the World” as it is the where modern civilization and culture has grown from, over the past 7,000 years. It is here that you will see many of the famous cities that you have only learned about in history books or seen photos of online. The rich history has led to a combination of cultural and archaeological presents that you will not find elsewhere. Here are some of the highlights:

Understand the Ancient Past and Modern Egypt

Your safari guide can take you safely on a bucket list trip to see these cities in person, including Luxor, Aswan, and the Red Sea, as well as the Sphinx, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Temple of the Oracle where Alexander the Great was famously given the title of Egypt ruler. Knowledgeable guides provide insights into the spectacular places of Egypt, from the historical monuments to the modern natural landscapes.

The Western Desert of Egypt offers an adventure that differs from many others in Africa as it has no lions, but it does provide a whole other kind of captivating environment, from the dunes and canyons to the unique natural features. The Western Desert has 262,000 square miles of area to explore on an African safari booking. There are five primary oases to travel around: Dakhla, Faiyum, Siwa, Farafra, and Bahariya.

See Unreal Geological Formations

The White Desert National Park northeast of Farafra Oasis is where you will see white rock formations that take unusual and seemingly unreal shapes, such as the Chicken and Mushroom formation. These unique sculptures have been created by the desert wind conditions. As the sun hits them, within this park spanning 300 square kilometers, they give off a ghostly appearance.

Cruise down the Nile

Upper Egypt is where the epic Nile River runs, and now you have the bucket list opportunity to cruise along these stunning blue waters. Immerse yourself in the heart of Egypt! Along the banks, note the ancient temples and tombs.

All boats are carefully selected to provide safe, modern, and luxurious means of transport for the cruise, so they provide the best services available. Cruise between Luxor, which is often called the best open-air museum on Earth and Aswan, which is referred to as the “Jewel of the Nile.” Aswan’s skyline includes the prominent Aga Khan’s Mausoleum.

Adventures at Gara Cave

Within Gara Cave, you will see animal engravings and artifacts left from prehistoric people in the late part of the Neolithic Period. Revel in the history of these treasures of those people who lived in the cave, a natural hollow that was created over millions of years. This cave is deemed to be amongst the top Stone-Age settlements in the Western Desert.

The Great Sand Sea

Gerhard Rohlfs was the German explorer who gave The Great Sand Sea its well-suited name. It is a huge 27,800 square miles that encompass some of the biggest sand dunes on Earth, some of which are more than 100 meters high and as long as 93 miles. Whether you take in an amazing sunset over these dunes or relax in a hot water spring of Bir Wahed, you’re bound to feel like you are on a whole other planet altogether.

Customizing Your Package

Our African safari booking services enable you and your group to receive the best vacation possible for a once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure! Trips can be made by jeep, camel, trekking, or a mix of all of these types of transport. Easily select the attractions to see on the safari, depending on what appeals to you, as well as the form of accommodation, such as camping in the desert under Egypt’s beautiful starry sky.