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Safari in Eritrea

An African safari tour in northeast Africa’s Eritrea is sure to be an exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime journey! You can see amazing architecture, attend popular local markets, enjoy unique diving experiences, and more.

Gain Insights into Culture and History

The capital city of Asmara is famous for its Art Deco style buildings. The architecture influenced by Turkey, Italy, and Egypt is awe-inspiring, as you will see if you visit the Al Khulafa al Rashidin, St Mary Coptic Church, and the National Museum.

Stop by the former Governer’s palace, which dates back to 1897 and see an intriguing monument dedicated to Russian poet Alexander Pushkin too. Other historical sites include the Former Imperial Palace and the shrine of Sahaba in the city of Massawa.

Participate in Exciting Activities

There are dazzling beaches, and top-rate swimming in Massawa, which is known as the “Pearl of the Red Sea” and is a long-standing integral port. Also, see Eritrea's agricultural methods in motion if you visit the town of Keren, and stop by one of the notable markets there, including one for trading livestock. Perhaps you will go to Mendefera, which has hills on either side of its primary road, and marvel at the natural beauty of the land as you travel it.

There are many bucket list activities to do on your African safari booking in Eritrea. Your tour may include riding a camel in the desert or a cultural safari in which you meet the locals and learn about their traditions. Travel between towns via bus, private car or motorcycle, depending on your preference.

Scuba diving in the Red Sea while in Asmara is another not-to-miss agenda item. The diving trip can take you to enchanting islands and beautiful coral reefs, as well as show you exclusive historical sites. Diving at the Nazario Sauro wreckage that was first launched in Italy in 1921 is a thrilling adventure that to strike off your bucket list!

Eritrea is also a popular location for snorkeling, fishing, and yachting. You will have the opportunity to see wildlife too, such as elephants, zebras, lions, leopards, monkeys, and gazelles, all within a safe viewing environment on your chosen safari tour.

Gorgeous Landscapes

During your safe African safari booking in Eritrea, you will notice the country’s varied climate. Enjoy amazing opportunities to see and photograph its harbors, rivers, lowlands, highlands, and islands. There are natural plains, rugged hills, and unspoiled coasts unlike anywhere else. The mountainous areas are great for hiking, biking, and bird watching.

In the northeast part of Asmara, within the Eastern Escarpment, is the “Green Belt,” which is heralded as one of the beautiful rural areas in Eritrea. It is part of, which green year round and is where you will find abundant vegetation and forests, as well as many types of birds and animals. The play between light and shade gives the area a majestic appearance.

The coastal section of Eritrea is lovely too, with its many shells and corals. The Red Sea is a natural paradise that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, and it contains many species of turtles, shrimps, and lobsters. In the Danakil Depression, another part of Eritrea's landscape, you can find lava forms, including rocks and an extinct volcano.

See It for Yourself

There are many African safari booking options in Eritrea that include wildlife adventure, unique culture, and beautiful lands. Escape the fast-paced modern life and take time to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime scenery. Why wait any longer to schedule this wondrous holiday?