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Safari in Malawi

Are you wondering where to make your African safari booking? A safari in Malawi may be the right option for you. Mark an unforgettable item off your bucket list at this holiday destination.

What to Expect in Malawi

Safari walks and drives are available in Malawi, South Africa. This is one of the most stunning parts of Africa as it combines beautiful landscapes with captivating wildlife. Exciting safaris await you at:

Liwonde National Park

An African safari booking at Liwonde National Park, located at Malawi’s southern tip, will not leave you disappointed. This premier nature reserve is home to an array of wildlife, from the Big Cats to antelope, zebras, and elephants. Why are they here in Liwonde?

The Shire River, a major river flowing from Lake Malawi to the Zambezi River, is situated within the large park’s 80-mile perimeter. This brings creatures of water and land naturally into Liwonde Park. Impalas, kudus, warthogs, and hippopotamuses and more congregate within the reserve in a peaceful environment that is safe for your African safari booking and offers amazing photographic opportunities. In the woodlands, you may even see black rhinos and leopards.

Majete Wildlife Reserve

In south-west Malawi is the Majete Wildlife Reserve. The Shire River is to its east. Here your safari will include lions, elephants, leopards, sable antelope, eland, and other wildlife, within the peaceful 700 square kilometer area. It is here that you will find all of the Big 5 – it is one of the few Malawi reserves where you can see them all.

Many endangered species make their home in the region that combines hills, woody areas, and lovely waterfalls. The beautiful park is a magical spot for an African safari booking, providing you with a range of mind-blowing activities, such as elephant tracking. Your close encounters with the special creatures will not likely come again in such a safe environment, so take advantage of it now!

Safe Guided Tours

A travel guide takes you around Liwonde National Park and other Malawi game reserves. The driver is very welcoming, understands timing, the local areas, and maintains organization so that you get the best African safari booking experience possible.

In addition, wander the amazing beaches, including Lake Malawi. At this particular lake, you can see also freshwater dive and snorkel. Talk with the very friendly locals and you will soon understand that they exemplify “The Warm Heart of Malwai.” Watersports, such as snorkeling and diving, may well be another part of your fun getaway, as they are popular activities here, in addition to safaris. Your safe African safari booking awaits, offering you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!