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Safari in Mauritius

Enchanting wildlife awaits you in an exciting safari in Mauritius. An African Safari booking is not just another day – it is an experience of one’s lifetime! But, why choose tropical Mauritius island in the Indian Ocean?

Casela Park

Mauritius is home to Casela Nature Park, a renowned destination for Safari activities. Meeting lions and caracals to a Safari quad outing are just two examples of the options available at this stunning nature park. Take photographs of these beautiful animals and experience their lifestyle up close in ways that you may never get an opportunity to do again! The lion is a large cat unlike any other, and you can take photos of the spectacular creature within the Big Cat’s park. Get up close and personal with the King! This is surely a bucket list experience.

The caracals are also available for your viewing in the African reserve. They tend to look up when they hear the tour transportation approaching, which makes for a terrific photographic experience. As the Safari vehicle is fenced in, you are always safe from any harm by wildlife during your excursion. An experienced driver guide shows you the sights and ensures you are never in danger.

You will also have opportunities to see camels, rhinos, African antelopes, and more on this African Safari booking. Lastly, walk through Casela Park’s bird aviary to see colorful species that herald from around the globe.

The Perfect Island Backdrop

The location of Mauritius is ideal for safari adventures, making for a dream vacation. After your safari, take in the incredible views during walks and stretch out on splendid white sand beaches with turquoise waters. Marvel at the marine reserve at Blue Bay, for example, or go snorkeling in the clear waters of Flic en Flac. Fishing and sailing are other popular local activities. Together, this makes for an amazing escape from the every day, whether you are alone, on honeymoon, or with friends or family.

Discover an immense number of different animals within Casela Nature Park and savor the island paradise of Mauritius. Set up a safari outing here to interact with lions, zebras, tigers, African antelopes, camels, and so many more animals that you have never seen in person up close like this before. Excitement awaits that you will remember for the rest of your life! And you are safe and secure the entire time that you safari. Your bucket list is about to have an item checked off on it with this African Safari booking. So, what are you waiting for?