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Why You Need to Book a Safari in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is a true gem of North Africa, having been romanticized in cinema for its many beautiful cities and rich history. This seaside kingdom gives you a chance to immerse yourself in its blend of European, Berber, and Arabic cultures. A safari here can delight both the urban explorer and the desert aficionado. You can visit imperial cities, colossal mosques, historic architecture. It’s also possible to get a guided tour on camelback through the Saharan dunes! If you want an unforgettable vacation that has the perfect blend of urban delights and off-roading adventure, Morocco is the country for you. Check this trip off your bucket list when you organize a tour with African Safari Booking.

How to reach Morocco

It’s best to reach Morocco by plane. Since Casablanca’s international airport is busy, you can even find one-way flights without layovers from North America to Morocco that keep you in the air for under 10 hours each way. If you have to take a connecting flight in Istanbul or Cairo, however, expect long layovers in the terminal that could extend your travel time by at least 16 hours. If you’re expecting a long time between flights, consider joining an airline club so you can rest in a VIP lounge.

What You Can Expect During a Safari in Morocco

Arabic is the official language of Morocco. Your tour guides will know this language and the local culture to guide you safely and efficiently around the country. Here are some things to expect in your tailor-made Moroccan safari.

  • Atlas Mountains- Hiking the Atlas Mountains will introduce you to the Berber culture by allowing you to visit some Berber villages along the trail. The views are spectacular as nearly every spot is picturesque. You’ll also be able to stop by the Azrou cedar forest where you can get up close and personal to wild monkeys. If you’re lucky, they’ll even come up to you for a picture!

  • Wildlife Reserves- Morocco has its own unique ecosystems that are protected in parks like the Souss Masa National Park where you can find beautiful birds and smaller animals. For example, you’ll have a good chance at seeing the rare Northern Bald Ibis, Algerian hedgehog, weasels, red foxes, and jackals. Oued Massa Nature Reserve is another place to view more animals in a protected habitat. It’s also known to be a great place for bird watchers!

  • Imperial Cities- Morocco is rich in architectural history that has been influenced by diverse cultures. Its imperial cities like Rabat have immaculate monuments and mosques that are definitely worth a visit.

  • The Sahara Desert- Have you ever dreamed of exploring the Saharan sands on a camel? Well now’s your chance! See the raw beauty of the desert in camelback as an expert guide takes you from destination to gorgeous destination.

  • Travel Accommodations- Your Moroccan safari will take you through incredible cities, lush reserves, and desert sands. Whether you’re camping in tents or being pampered in a hotel, your guides will connect you with the best accommodations possible.

Book your Safari in Morocco Today

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