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Why You Need to Book a Safari in Swaziland

Swaziland is one of the last remaining kingdoms in the world located in southern Africa. This small country shares borders with South Africa and Mozambique. Here you’ll encounter an incredible wilderness and the wonderful Swazi people. If an epic African safari has long been on your bucket list, now’s never been a better time to plan a Swazi vacation with African Safari Booking.

How to Reach Swaziland

The fastest way to reach Swaziland is by plane. You can expect to make time for at least 24 hours for your travel due to connecting flights that have some long layovers. The best way to make your travel experience comfortable is to keep some essentials with you in a carry on bag, join a travel club for comfortable layovers, and consider upgrading to first class for long flights.

What You Can Expect During a Safari in Swaziland

Swaziland is best appreciated by tourists on a guided safari. Though English is among Swaziland’s national languages, the locals also speak Swati and South African English. Your tour guides will know all the languages you need to get around efficiently. They can also educate you on the local cultures. You’ll also be connected to the most tourist-friendly accommodations to keep you safe and comfortable.

  • Hlane Royal National Park & Mkhaya Game Reserve- If you want to see some of the most famous and majestic South African mammals, you’ll have the most luck by including these parks on your itinerary. Your guides can get you as close as (safely) possible to over 132 species of animals including zebras, giraffes, rhinoceroses, elephants, hippos, antelopes, warthogs, and even lions! There are also smaller reserves like the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary that can give you a good look at smaller animals and hippos.

  • Nearly Untouched by Urbanization- Swaziland is a small country that's still not used to much tourism, so you’ll have the privilege of viewing nature and the local people in an uncrowded and leisurely environment. For example, the safaris are often not equipped for vehicles, which mean that they are more personalized walking safaris that can feel more intimate and give you more freedom to explore.

  • Lembobo Mountains- This 500-mile stretch of mountains are actually monoclines, or step-like folds in rocks. The Lembobo "mountains" is a narrow range that's long enough to reach Swaziland’s neighbors, Mozambique and South Africa. If you want to see this hidden gem of natural beauty for yourself, simply ask your tour guide to include it in your safari.

  • Resort Accommodations- Foreign guests are encouraged to stay in accommodations where all your needs can be comfortably attended to. Your safari tour guides will know the best places for you to rest between excursions to enhance your vacation’s value.

Book your Safari in Swaziland Today

To start your next adventure, let African Safari Booking connect you with the best tour groups in the business. Whether it’s your first safari or twentieth, the professionals we partner with know how to create a memorable journey for you and your loved ones.