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Why You Need to Book a Safari in Togo

Togo is a small West African country that offers a wealth of cultural experiences in a nearly untouched environment. It shares borders with Benin, Ghana, and Burkina Faso while also claiming a small stretch of beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. Safaris in Togo give you the opportunity to meet the country’s local cultures and witness incredible animals like zebras in their natural habitat. If a safari in Africa has been on your bucket list, then take out at least a week’s vacation time to fully experience what Togo has to offer.

How to reach Togo

It’s best to reach Togo by plane. Expect your travel time to take between 24-48 hours due to a series of connecting flights in North America and Europe, which sometimes have long layovers. You should also expect to invest more into your flight to have better layover times and more convenient connections. Many flights arrive at Lomé, Togo’s capital and the most developed urban area in the country.

What you can expect during a Safari in Togo

Togo is a developing country that you should definitely explore with the help of professional guides. English is rarely spoken in Togo. Your tour guides will know the national languages, which are French and Ewe, to make your travels go smoothly. Here are some of the hotspots you can expect your custom safari to include.

  • Tamberma Country- This Unesco World Heritage site is located near Benin’s border. There’s plenty to learn about architecture and the local culture that will leave you amazed, like how young men used to be able to build a home before they could even propose!

  • Wilderness Safaris- Togo has a wealth of diverse geographical locations that range from beautiful coasts, lush agriculture, gorgeous plantations, mountains, and flatlands. You can explore the Falaise d’Aladjo for incredible views of Togo’s landscapes or visit the Parc Sawakara for a mini-safari, where you’ll see amazing animals like zebras, wildebeests, gazelles, and waterbucks.

  • Rustic Villages- Togo’s great wealth is in its diverse culture, languages, and people. Your safari will be enriched with visits to local villages to encounter the friendly Togolese people, their crafts, and delicious cuisine.

  • Safari Accommodations- Foreign guests are encouraged to stay in vetted hotels. However, please keep in mind that in Togo, tourism is still relatively new. Therefore, please be understanding that the accommodations may not be the same as what you’d experience in a more developed country. Consider it part of the adventure!

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