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Why You Need to Book a Safari in Uganda

Uganda is a gorgeous country located in East Africa and the Nile basin, sharing borders with Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A safari in this country will leave you with incredible memories of its beautiful wildlife, spectacular bodies of water, and unforgettable natural beauty. Also, Uganda’s weather is quite temperate. Throughout the year, this equatorial country stays at a comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’ve been wanting to get an epic African safari checked off your bucket list, then this is the place you'll get a trip of a lifetime.

How to reach Uganda

Flying is the best way to reach Uganda. Expect your travel both ways to take at least 24 hours because of customs, long layovers, and connecting international flights. For the most comfortable travel, bring some toiletries and entertainment essentials on your carry on bags or join a travel club for extended layovers at the airport.

What you can expect during a Safari in Uganda

Uganda will leave you amazed from all its distinct landmarks, wildlife, and attractions which are best enjoyed while on a guided safari. Though English is one of the official languages of Uganda, Swahili is also widely spoken. Your tour guides will know both languages and the culture of the area to guide you safely and efficiently around the country.

  • Lake Victoria- Since Uganda is located in the great lakes region of Africa, it contains many beautiful bodies of water. Lake Victoria is just one of them. However, what makes it special is that it’s the largest lake in Africa, measuring over 26,600 square miles! This lake also has gorgeous islands and beaches that you should spend some time on to appreciate.

  • Wilderness Safari- Your custom safari can take you to over 10 different locations that will get you a front-row view of Uganda’s native wildlife and vegetation. For example, you can go to Bwindi where you’ll see rare mountain gorillas, or see chimpanzees on the Rwenzori mountains. These tours can span Uganda’s other lakes, waterfalls, rainforests, jungles, mountains, rivers, and savannahs, which can even include white water rafting on the Nile river!

  • Beauty Everywhere- As you tour the natural wealth of this country, you can also savor its fruit-- after all, Uganda is one of the world’s largest supplier of bananas! The pineapples, papayas, and mangoes are perfectly ripe, unlike the produce we get in the west that is exported while still ripening. Not only will you find the fruit amazing, the local cultures and people are unforgettable as well.

  • Resort Accommodations- Foreign guests are encouraged to stay in vetted resorts where all your needs can be comfortably attended to. Your safari tour company will know the best places for you to rest between excursions to enhance your vacation’s value.

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