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Why You Need to Book a Safari in Zambia

Zambia is one of the safest countries in Africa that shares a border with Zimbabwe, which gives you the opportunity to make your safari span two countries. It’s amazing wildlife, spectacular plains, gorgeous sunsets, and brilliant bodies of water will make this trip one you’ll remember forever. If an African safari has been on your bucket list, now’s the time to plan one with African Safari Booking.

How to Reach Zambia

The fastest way to reach Zambia is by plane. You can expect to carve out at least 24 hours for your travel due to connecting flights in the UAE, North America, and South Africa that usually have some long layovers. The best way to make your travel experience comfortable is to join an airline club if you notice your layovers last for several hours. These private lounges will give you a more refreshing downtime between flights where you can catch a nap and good meal.

What You Can Expect During a Safari in Zambia

Zambia has some incredible sights that tourists can enjoy safely on a guided safari. Your tour guides will know the language and culture of the area and can guide you to the most tourist-friendly accommodations to keep you safe and comfortable.

  • Victoria Falls- This massive waterfall, which is double the height of Niagra Falls, stands between the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Therefore, a Zambian safari can include a visit to this unforgettable landmark. Victoria Falls is 5,604 feet wide and 354 feet tall, and it shoots out a spray that can reach up to 1,300 feet. At certain times of the day, you’ll see a spectacular moonbow!

  • Lake Kariba- This is the largest man-made lake and reservoir in the world! Located upstream from the Indian Ocean, it’s another notable landmark between the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The lake was constructed between 1958 and 1963, and upon its completion measures 139 miles long and 25 miles wide! Many accommodations exist around the lake that will make an extended stay relaxing and pleasant.There are several islands you can explore on the lake as well.

  • Wilderness Safari- When you tailor your safari package with professional safari planners, the possibilities are endless. You can safely explore the Busanga Plains, which contain some of the world’s most exquisite wildlife. You can also rest in exciting safari camps like Shumba Camp to get up close and personal with the beauty of nature!

  • Resort Accommodations- Foreign guests are encouraged to stay in vetted resorts and hotels where all your needs can be comfortably attended to. Your safari tour company will know the best places for you to rest between excursions to enhance your vacation’s value.

Book your Safari in Zambia Today

To start your next adventure, let African Safari Booking connect you with the best tour groups in the business. Whether it’s your first safari or twentieth, the professionals we partner with know how to create a memorable journey for you and your loved ones.