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Gouganda Safaris

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Indigenous Uganda Company that gets you immersed into the diverse local culture & natural beauty through the eyes of knowledgeable & professional Ugandans’.

We have a diverse experience on wildlife & Cultural customs, offering you adventurous safaris that are pocket friendly. Through our knowledge, you will be immersed into the local culture and as you travel through the country’s landscape our guides will spot you things of interest therefore experiencing the true African spirit and culture and becoming part of the surrounding rather than merely observing it from behind the vehicle glasses or doors.

Mission and vision

Our company mission and vision is to introduce visitors to Uganda and to the beauty of African nature, have a taste of its beautiful natural resources and experience the true African spirit and culture.

Our professional guidance and quality services go hand in hand with the basic elements of nature, the animals, rivers, lakes and forests.

We stimulate cultural awareness, knowledge of the environment we live in and respect our beautiful wildlife, which is so close to ours in all part of the circle of life.

Our company is also socially engaged and strives to support the underprivileged groups in our society by direct contacts and small gestures of aid from our safari earnings.

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